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About Capitalist Lion

What is Capitalist Lion?

Capitalist Lion is a Blog, or Web Log, with a few tricks. Rather than the traditional design of a Blog, it allows stories to be submitted, so that not only the ramblings if its creator see the light of day. This allows those whom may have something to say be able to say it when they may not have (or want) a blog of their own. Also, it allows anonymous postings by well known/famous/etc people who may not otherwise express their true feelings in a more public venue.

At least, that's the theory. Since writing the original software in 2001, I've yet to actually implement it. One of these decades.

What does Capitalist Lion mean?

Well, if you think about it, Lions are pretty good Capitalists. The person who built the site having a thing for big cats may have something to do with it as well. As with most mysteries, if you're in the know, you know. If not, you wonder.

What is the focus of this blog?

Incase we're off on a tangent again, and it's not obvious by the copy on the mane.. urm.. main page, this is basically a current events and technology-oriented Blog. A little right wing, very patriotic, and all-American.

We also go on about cars, fast bikes, and Macs on occasion.

What is the graphic behind all of these pages?

That would be the Lion of Lucerne in Switzerland. It was created to honor Swiss gaurds killed protecting King Louis XVI during the French Revolution.

...the Lion of Lucerne is the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world. -- Mark Twain

... and that is why it was chosen. As well, it says a certain something about the spirit of America, so thus the flag morph.

How did you...?

Graphics: Photoshop
Shaded Tables: HTML/CSS tricks (Which in the day of version 4 browsers, were considerably trickier than they are today.)
Everything Else: Perl
Made on: A Mac
Served By: FreeBSD

Can you help...?

Consulting Rate: $200 US/hour

Do you discriminate against certain types of story submissions?

Hell yes. This website is not a democracy. Mr. Lion pays for it, and as such only includes content he wishes to see on it. That's not to say we don't welcome opposite viewpoints to our own, and we even run them every now and again. But, if your submission is a 47 pagerant about how America must be destroyed and socialism will reign, you'll be graced with the delete key.If you presist, you'll be graced by the route o' null.

Why isn't my comment showing up?

Comments are moderated. That means once you submit one, it must be approved before it goes live on the site. This is to curb abuse, prevent spam, and block stupid people. We generally don't censor or delete comments unless they're overly inflammatory, include hate speech or racial comments, or any other stupid crap we don't want on the site. This moderation is done by humans, who have lives and schedules and such things outside of the site, and as such there may be a lag time of up to a few hours between moderations.

Can I quote or reprint an article?

Depends on the context, use, and a few other things. Non-commmercial use of materials bearing the Capitalist Lion copyright is granted providing the following conditions are met:

In all cases, specifically commercial uses, Ask for permission.

What is your privacy policy?

No client-stored data of note, nor requests for or storage of sensitive information. Email addresses and other data is stored should you chose to send us a story or write a comment on one, but it is not disclosed to anyone unless required so by law. We log IP and Host access information for security and abuse-related issues, and do not distribute the information. Anything you type at us in the way of comments or story submission is fair game for reprinting, commentary, or whatever else we feel like doing with it.

What is your CopyRight policy on submitted articles?

All submissions, emails, and other forms of communication sent to Capitalist Lion become the property of Capitalist Lion dot com unless otherwise and implicitly stated.

What is your Spam Policy?

You'll never get a message from us which was not requested via an action on your part of some sort, such as submitting a comment or story.

If you're a spam bot, and haven't been blocked, you will be shortly. In the meantime, feel free to harvest and while you wait.

If you're manually harvesting addresses for sale to mass marketing (e.g. Spam) firms, we will block you from the site, find out who you are, and sue everyone from AOL to your great aunt martha until we are quite certain you never do so again.

Then we'll find out where you live, and show up with a roll of duct tape, a toaster, and[censored]


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