I typically don't link to seething morons when they say stupid things. Because, frankly, they don't deserve the traffic, nor my time. But, I'll make an exception with this one (No, not Brian, he links the blather in question).

Apparently Glenn Reynolds Puppy Blender is a racist because he has one of these and isn't ashamed to wear it.

Apparently when a liberal expresses their viewpoint, it's free speech. But, when a "conservative" does so, it's racism. Even though Reynolds is rather far removed from what I would consider a true conservative, the fact that he believes in that whole 2nd Amendment thing puts him over there with the people blowing away abortion doctors, or such as it is among the galacticly stupid.

These people are completely, entirely, insane. But, I don't care, because it's proof that we're winning the war to de-infringe the 2nd Amendment. So, to that I'll say this.

On an entirely more interesting story via insty (who gets spared the 'puppy blender' tag just this once, because, well. Because.), Canada is preparing for its first attempt at a Space Flight.
A Canadian team of aspiring astronauts has set an Oct. 2 launch date for the country's first manned spaceship, as it tries to win a $10 million prize set up to spur commercial space travel.

Unveiling an unfinished version of their rocket, the Wild Fire, at a former air force base in Toronto on Thursday, the da Vinci Project said the craft will launch from the small town of Kindersley in the western province of Saskatchewan.

Bravo. I wish them the best of luck, and I hope they pull it off. While it's unlikely that they'll beat Scaled to the X-Prize, they will have accomplished what 50 years of Canadian socialism couldn't: Going to space.

Ah, I love the smell of Capitalism in the morning.

One thing though, guys. Couldn't you come up with a better name than Wild Fire for a frickin' rocket? Let's hope it doesn't live up to its name.

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