Dear Apple,

I've been buying Airport Extreme base stations for a good long while. Since they existed, in fact. And a few days ago, when one of my original pizza box units decided it no longer wanted to run for more than 12 hours at a time, I upgraded to yet another of the current models. That would be the sixth one I've bought this year, if you were keeping track-- not because they're unreliable, but because I use them everywhere.

However, this particular unit lived in a somewhat odd networking environment, in where two AEs operate on the same subnet, with different DHCP IP block allocations, due largely to a need for firewalling and routing the two networks they create differently. This was not a problem with the pizza box units, or even the more current missile silo unit-- and in fact, remains something the hardware will happily continue to do.

The entirely annoying discovery I made, however, is that since the 6.x release of Airport Utility, the fucking software no longer allows one to set a "DHCP only" network mode, nor assign arbitrary IP ranges for said DHCPing-- things that are entirely normal and valid on any network.

In order to make the hardware I fucking paid for do what the fuck it has been doing for a decade, I had to not only download Airport Utility 5.6, but a fucking hacked version that would run on El Capitan, because you fuckwits won't normally permit this eeeeevil application to run on said OS.

Now, I realize the desire to idiot-proof the setup of network devices, but doing so need not be mutually exclusive of offering entirely reasonable options and settings to network engineers. In short: Fuck you, Apple. Things are supposed to be easier in your ecosystem, not stupider. Keep this shit up and Cisco will get my money instead.

posted by Mr. Lion | 07/14/16 @ 22:42 | comments (0)