I've never really had faith in any particular deity, though what I do tend to have a lot of, is faith in the average American. While they will abide a lot and resent little, there is a limit to the tolerance of stupidity of this great country. We crossed it 'round about 2012, and, it turns out that those wise men who designed the Republic we enjoy, really were some pretty smart SOBs. Because it still works. No amount of fraud, corruption, foreign money, or media propaganda can derail the American people when they finally say: Enough.

So, while the tears and pants-shitting hysteria of the left at present are awfully delicious, especially after nearly a decade of utter calamity and malaise, there are more important things that have come of the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

First, and perhaps most importantly, the Clinton machine is done. The most corrupt, downright evil machine in the history of US politics, bested only by the likes of Boss Tweed, is over. There is no walking back the exposure of what goes on behind the velvet curtains. And while it's somewhat troubling that 59-odd million Americans, alive or otherwise, voted for a corrupt, habitual liar whose incompetence resulted in the death of many Americans-- the simple truth is that the lies, the cash, the deals, are all out in the public eye and will be for decades to come. Which brings me to my next point.

The mainstream media are finished. For decades, many have assumed that various media outlets were nothing but Democrat party collaborators and had not been journalists for generations. Most, however, still largely gave them the benefit of the doubt. They believed, perhaps with a grain of salt here and there, what was said. They believed polls. They believed debates were fair and honest. Most everyone now knows, thanks in major part to WikiLeaks and the exposure of the Clinton Machine, that this is not the case. They lie, they cheat, they do whatever they can to forward their globalist, leftist agenda, and actively hate the average American. The feeling, I believe they will find, is quite mutual, and it will be quite interesting to watch the slow and happy death of a number of major media outlets in the coming years.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the GOP is finished, and so is the credibility of so many of the Establishment hacks in media and elsewhere who were supposedly on our side. Those who mocked, chided and insulted Trump for over a year. Those who pedaled doom and gloom about how it was impossible to win the Presidency without being in the club, or without being a bible thumper, or whatever the excuse has been for the last six months that I haven't been listening to them. Trump could never win, they told us. We told them they were full of it, and this morning, the rather stark lack of "I was wrong" among these folk tells us all we needed to know about them.

Turns out, yard signs do matter. Rally crowds matter. Experience in business and leadership matter. Because we just won Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

For the last few months, my key indicator of what was going to happen here actually was yard signs. I live right smack in the middle of liberal utopia. In 2012, I saw a fair number of Romney signs, and thought that indicated good things in general. This year, I saw a massive number more Trump signs-- and the key thing that really gave me hope, is just how many hand made Trump signs I saw. For the first time ever, I also saw constant Hillary attack ads, in this same region, and also for the first time ever, well made and executed ads for Trump. When you live in a foregone conclusion, this is not insignificant, it turns out.

So, here we are. President Trump. Decades of solid Supreme Court decisions. Sane business regulation and tax. The de-weponization of the Federal Government. It turns out, Gen. Patton was right: Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.

I think I'll go grow the economy a little.

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