The victories of the Shadow War.

I'm pretty confident that Saddam, and quite possibly his two sons have either been killed outright, or are critically wounded. This story outlines the efforts of the Delta Force in Iraq.

Apparently, we had all of Saddam's phone lines tapped, and enlisted one of his trusted bodyguards as an asset.
The man measured the risk that Saddam would suspect his betrayal versus the mortal certainty that the American military was coming to wipe out the Iraqi strongman and his closest followers. The Iraqi turncoat began to sing to the Americans. He told his intelligence handlers that on the night of March 19, Saddam, probably accompanied by his demonic sons Uday and Qusay, was sleeping in a bunker beneath a nondescript house in a residential area of Baghdad.

A residential area which we proceeded to blow the shit out of, and which Saddam was carried out of on a stretcher. Curiously, one of Saddam's sons developed a 'brain hemorrhage'. I'm willing to bet that hemorrhage happened shortly after a piece of bunker paid his skull a visit.

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