Pile-on du Idiot.

I forgot about Andrew Sullivan's recent absurdity on increasing gas taxes.

Fortunately, the world has Lileks to distill the idiocy into pure screedy javalike goodness.

But, well, it just wouldn't do for the gearhead and anti-ecotard demographic to fail to be represented. So, have at.

There's really such a bouquet of silly to pick from, it's hard to know where to stick the fork, but one paragraph stands out above most all:
When your driving habits lead to higher levels of pollution, when your ownership of a gas-inhaling 2-ton SUV puts others on the road at risk, when traffic jams drastically reduce the country's productivity (as well as make radio shock jocks into millionaires), don't you think you might give a little back in return?

Sure, Andrew. And as you don't own a car, nor have a family to transport, nor a commute milage in the double digits, we can conclude the entire basis of your argument is on the concept of wouldn't it be nice if...

I hate to break it to the guy, but the driving habits of the entire damn country don't equal the level of pollution expelled by the annual Californian wild fire. Nor does an inanimate object, be it a Honda Civic or a Cadillac Escalade, put others on the road at risk. See, now I know this is an amazing concept, but car accidents are caused by people in 99% of cases, for whatever reason. But aside from that, we're supposed to feel guilty for owning a road tank that'll rip through an econobox like a daisy cutter?

Yes, okay, so by that logic we should also feel bad about buying hiking boots, because they put the feet of those who choose to walk in crowded areas in sandals at risk. Sorry, pal, but if you choose to drive your 500 pound econo-green special to the local hemp mart and cut off my 4,000 pound 4runner in traffic: You die. And no, I won't feel bad about it, because society will have lost another of its corrupt fringe that thinks the evolution of man is flawed and we should ultimately return to the era of straw huts and witch doctors with leeches.

It's obvious to me that the point of this article has jack to do with the war in Iraq and everything to do with Sullivan's personal Jihad against things he doesn't like, and his never ending attempt to make American Culture foot the bill.

Conservative? My ass.

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