More on Zell.

I was pondering this video (pardon the format and quality) of Zell Miller kicking Chris Matthews' ass in true ticked off ex-Marine fashion.

I had a really, really, really hard time believing that Miller is a Democrat. But then, I had to go way back in history, almost 50 years, to find the like of his words coming out of any Democrat, but there they were. A time when both Democrats and Republicans would never dream of saying what Zell said in his speech, because it would bring a well, duh from both parties. It was understood that while the parties would squabble over domestic issues, even the most liberal Democrat would never dream of insinuating that the men and women of the US Military are occupiers. They'd never dream of openly insulting the President, nor supporting outright lies about his character and past.

It came to me, watching that video, that both these men are Democrats. Matthews is the new version, the one infected with Moore's disease, aligned with the ultra-left and wanting nothing more than to destroy this great nation and turn it into Britain-lite, if not worse. Miller is the old version, the one which stood for pride and resolve, the group which a Republican could sit down to dinner with and debate an issue in a civil manner, the kind of Democrats that any Republican would be proud to call the loyal opposition.

Matthews, on the other had, is a carbon copy of Kerry in philosophy. He flat out dared Miller to join him in Herald Square, because there he had the protesters on his side. You know, people like the Communists for Kerry. People who spout lies and hate, people who treat Michael Moore like royalty at a national convention of their party. People who throw balloons filled with urine at police officers. These are the people today's Democrats choose to hold company with.

It's a shame, in a way, that we're likely never to see the Miller Democrats again, as save for one or two holdouts, they're being swallowed in the hive of repugnance that is the new Democrat party. How I would have liked to see a Democrat like Zell in debate, back when politics were a thing of passion and character, and not a frantic effort to throw whatever feces at the President they can find, hoping some will stick.

This is where 50 years of liberal erosion has brought the Democrat Party. To a mash of unwashed borderline-communist scum, so blind with hate that they're unable to see what they have become.

I hope this election and those that follow all run along the lines of 1972, and the Democrat party such as it is today will be destroyed. Hopefully, to be rebuilt by people like Zell Miller who are, above all else, proud to be Americans.

posted by Mr. Lion | 09/02/04 @ 15:49 | comments (4)