You Bastards!

Well, it looks like some UC-Berkeley-esque tree-hugging asshats have destroyed a practically new DeLorean to make... wait for it, an electric car.

Nevermind that anyone with half a clue has already figured out that:

1) Nobody wants electric cars. Nor will anyone until significant advances are made in power storage and motor efficiency so that someone can get more then 100 odd miles out of a charge, and manage to do so at a speed greater then 65 mph.

2) The use of electric cars only offloads pollution, at much greater levels, to the power production plants. Most of such plants, burn fossel fuel to generate power.

No, no, aside from that. They gutted a freaking DeLorean. That's like sticking an aftermarket spoiler on a Ferrari. You just do not do it.


posted by Mr. Lion | 09/08/02 @ 00:58 | comments (0)