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The ProMac World Brian has an excellent post up with regard to yet another Den Beste Tirade against the Mac. This time, SDB goes a bit far and concludes that PC's are superior in the professional graphics and video editing world. I'm not entirely certain why he made that assumption, as he even states that he is not in the professional graphics industry, and has no idea what features are a requirement to do business in it.

Well, I am in the professional post-production industry. I've been doing freelance work on various television, film, and print media pieces for over eight years.

I can quite conclusively say that Brian hits the nail right on the head. The primary two reasons graphics professionals use Macs are: ColorSync, and a unified hardware line.

You can't run a graphics house when every machine, even if they have the same brand and model of video hardware and display, will display colors and white balance differently. It's simply impossible to achieve reproducible results. Those who try and conclude that PC's are every bit as productive in the professional graphics industry are not in the professional graphics industry. They're little more than weekend warriors making uninformed decisions based on the fact that they can splack home videos together in Premiere.

Watch CNN? The Discovery Channel? TLC? Basically any broadcast network? Well guess what, all those pretty graphics you're seeing, are all made on a Mac.

Now, all that aside, there is another issue which is often overlooked in the grand Windows Vs. Mac debate.

Windows is an unstable piece of shit.

Oh sure, Windows has come a long way in terms of stability, and not having to reboot a machine to change every single system level option. (Now you only have to reboot to change every other system level function, and install software) HOWEVER, it still comes no where near the stability and reliability of the MacOS, especially since the release of OS X. No. Where. Near.

I can't tell you how many times I've had a Windows 2000 machine die on me in the middle of a large Avid XpressDV project. It has been a major relief of stress to have it available on the Mac platform, as for certain things, it is superior to Final Cut Pro.

There is, as well, one final issue. This is an issue which is often dismissed out of ignorance or outright jealousy. That issue is, the MacOS interface and UI standards to which all applications must follow. Some dismiss this as eye candy to which no serious person would ever care about. Well, when you have to jump between five different machines to do a project, let me tell you, a usable and efficient interface matters. Eye strain is also a big issue for many graphics professionals, as we stare at multiple displays all day long.

Now, which environment do you think would be easier on one's eyes? A consistent, visually pleasing environment, where all of the system text is anti-aliased, all of the colors are exactly the same regardless of the age or model of display, and where the white balance is always perfect? OR, a system whose text looks like, as James Lileks put it, someone sprayed a mouthful of ant legs on the screen. One which never has uniform color correction nor white balance, and one in which the colors actually change over time due to aging displays?

Well, I can tell you which one I use, and which one 90 percent of the people I work with also use. Here's a hint: It's the one that works.

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