The Gouge.

Some people offer up compassion when the brown stuff hits the fan. See just about every natural (or other) disaster the world over, foreign or domestic, and you'll find the average American opening up the red, white and blue wallet and doing what he or she can to ease the suffering of others. Even those who actively despise us, but are only too happy to take the billions of dollars we toss about out of compassion, as witnessed in Sri Lanka and other recently Tsunami-ified regions.

Others do not. Instead, they see opportunity in suffering, and take advantage of it, whether it be for financial, political, or outright brain dead aspirations.

I came across a comment on this post which aptly defined it.
Russia is sending over rescue crews to assist with the search for survivors in Louisiana. Iran is donating barrels of oil to relieve the disabled oil producers in Alabama. Turkey and Thailand are sending makeshift tents to help house the millions of newly homeless Americans. Indonesia is collecting medical supplies to help control the spread of disease sure to come from the mosquito onslaught. The rest of the world is lending its moral support.

Ok, I made that up.

Those are just some of the countries that have received US assistance in the recent past in response to tragedies - without obligations.

There is no international relief effort for America’s tragedies. And we don’t expect any. Americans will take care of their own… again.

There are a few notable, and surprising exceptions. Like Canada, and as is considerably less surprising, Australia. But, save for the few, the rest only give a damn if the bad stuff is in their back yard. And, y'know, Americans are pretty much okay with that.

It kind of makes one draw parallels between those who help because they can, and those who use something to get something, now doesn't it.

UPDATE: In the following days, several nations have made offers of aid to various degrees. Some people would think this negates my point, and to those people I'll simply say that there's a difference between aid and support.

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