That's some good squishie.

Took in Cars today-- and jeez. It's been a long while since I've seen such a good film, especially one which actually appeals to the enthusiast demographic it's written for.

I had a few concerns about the Disney/Pixar buyout. Chiefly, that the Disney bigwigs du jour who thought things like Toy Story 3 were particularly good ideas, would end up hampering Pixar's quality and creativity. However, it would appear that exactly the opposite happened, if Cars is any indication. Not only did Disney get all of their animators back (a great number of which headed for Pixar after the "shutdown" of Disney Feature Animation), they also appear to have inherited some very good writers and editors.

Two things above all stood out about Cars and lead to me enjoying it so much. The first was the amazing attention to detail everyone from the animators to sound editors put into the film, making it rivaling the work of legendary films like Bullitt in terms of their accuracy and realism. For an animated feature, that's no small amount of praise. And in fact, it's perhaps exactly the one the writers were going for, having given the name McQueen to the show's star.

The second was the fact that they lampooned just about every horrible car-centric film, chiefly The Fast and the Furious with the semi-highway-chase scene, while also managing to pay homage to some of Disney's greatest work, like the waterfall scene in The Lion King. And yet, for all the cutups and quirks, for all the cameos and little smirks towards the industry, it all works, and it works very, very well.

Cars may just be the rebirth of classic Disney films that aren't exclusively targeted towards children, and that's a very cool thing indeed.

Brian has a similar review. He's right, too, about Arnie's cameo, which would have been a few hundred times cooler if the real deal.

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