Queer as an utterly destroyed economy.

Some background: I'm not what you'd call a homophobic person. You don't spend a decade and change in the entertainment world harboring hatred for gays with any great success. You also don't share an apartment with a guy so flaming he violates various fire codes for a year, which is exactly what I did when I first moved to NYC all those years ago. What happens behind closed doors, far as I'm concerned, is not my business nor the government's, and at the end of the day, I really don't give a crap.

What I do give a crap about is the Libertarian wing of the "mostly sane" group of society flailing their arms the second any given conservative dares open their mouth in the slightest degree to the effect that maybe their beliefs don't quite mesh with the average gay person. This idiotic "OMG what will they say about us!" righteous indignation is only slightly less annoying than the "gay as a religion" people who consider their sexuality more important than any other issue we as a citizenry are faced with.

News flash, guys: Who you're fucking doesn't matter. What you think about whom someone else is fucking also doesn't matter. What DOES matter is fixing what amounts to the near total destruction of the US economy, government, and foreign policy.

The US government not spending a trillion dollars we don't have every year is more important than who you're fucking.

The US government not spying on American citizens "because we can" is more important than who you're fucking.

Foreign nations who hate us not nuking our allies or us is more important than who you're fucking.

These things affect hundreds of millions of people. Some of them have the potential to end millions more if not handled competently, and we haven't had a competent government in five years. We're not going to have one for another three, at best, and we might not even have that if every second some conservative dribbles out anything that in any way targets their base, you people fly off on some tirade about how stupid they are and how we should all embrace the amazing success that is the McCain "big tent" philosophy.

Well, guess what: That philosophy lost. Twice. Because the vast majority of those who would see this country put back on a sane trajectory stayed home. Like they will stay home every fucking time some RINO moderate stands up and starts hand-wringing about how we're almost as good as the Democrats on a given issue.

This is not how you win. It is how you lose, often, and with catastrophic results.

For a hundred years and more, the Democrat party has harbored racists, bigots, crooks, liars, and thieves the like of which would have made Boss Tweed blush. They kept a motherfucking member of the Ku Klux Klan in office for half a century. And every single bloody time one of them lets the mask slip, they circle the wagons and keep the moron in office.

Republicans do not. Not that long ago, they stood up and said, hey, this is fucking stupid, and here's why. These days, they tend to hand-wring and moan about how of course they're pro-this or pro-that, and those who dare say anything out of line with the status quo are treated to a circular firing squad.

This "appeal to the center" bullshit is exactly what cost us two major elections. It is what took us from an average 400 billion a year in deficit spending to in excess of one trillion. It is what has enabled a level of government corruption not seen since the 1920s. It is what has put us in an extremely dangerous position the world over, to the point our enemies and their enablers openly mock and threaten us. This, you fucking morons, is the Clinton doctrine that lead to 9/11.

And you know what? I watched four of my friends become ash on that day, and I'll be fucked if I'm going to stand by and abide people moaning and whining about those poor gays, or whatever the hell victim group it is this week, and how those evil, stupid Republicans are screwing it all up by daring to voice their beliefs.

Those who would put such simpering, unimportant, bullshit pet issues ahead of the ones that actually do matter, the ones that actually do affect hundreds of millions of people-- THOSE people are the fucking idiots of the political world, and they are the ones who need to be marginalized and ignored. Those who can win elections? Let them fucking do it.

I am so very sick and tired of this snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and falling for the usual Democrat plants and media manipulation every other week.

Those who have wrought the idiocy we're living with have been steadily imploding under the weight of their failed policies for years. Instead of giving them a helpful shove, sitting back and watching it happen, or maybe actually pushing forth one of the litany of methods to fix it-- we piss and moan when some politician who happens to be socially conservative admits as much.

THIS is the stupid on the conservative side of the fence.

Are you a gay conservative? Great. Welcome to the party. Deal with the fact that you're going to run in to a number of people who disagree with your way of life, or fuck off.

Are you an idealistic Libertarian? Great. Welcome to the party. Deal with the fact that you're going to run into a number of people who disagree with your interpretation of social freedom, or fuck off.

Are you an actual conservative? Great. Get back to work, and stop apologizing for it. The media hates you, will always hate you, and the sooner you start telling them to fuck off, the sooner you'll get elected.

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