Holy Shit

Holy Shit The Space Shuttle Columbia broke up during re-entry over Texas.
Seven astronauts, including the first Israeli in space, were lost Saturday when the space shuttle Columbia broke apart in the skies of Texas. The incident occurred at an altitude of some 200,000 feet, shortly after reentry and 15 minutes before Columbia had been scheduled to land at Cape Canaveral.

It is currently hypothesized that an incorrect re-entry angle caused the destruction of the shuttle, and terrorism is currently being ruled out.

The Shuttle was traveling at a speed in excess of Mach 18 when it began to break up, resulting in the many sonic booms heard by residents in the area, which were caused by pieces of the Shuttle slowing to sub-sonic speeds.

Another sad day for the Space Program.

UPDATE: Apparently certain Canadians think the Shuttle Explosion and the death of it's crew was caused by "American Arrogance". (via Mike).

My response: Fuck Canada.

UPDATE (again): The Sarge make that CPO Sparkey links to a huge amount of data on the tragedy, including this very dramatic base reflectivity radar loop over Texas.

UPDATE (yet again): Fuck Iraq, too. Fuck them right to hell. (via Stan)

UPDATE (one more time): A little tribute to the Heros who are no longer with us.

UPDATE: Brian and Stephen both have good commentaries up, and Steven has individual pictures of the astronauts.

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