Living in Another World.

Today something happened which absolutely enraged me. I'm not talking just saw a clinton on television enraged, I mean really completely and totally pull out the guns and commence dispersing death enraged.

Roll back a few hours. My gearheadedness is well known in certain circles, and considering some of the cars a few friends own, and the cost of maintenance on them, I tend to be on speed dial when things that ought not happen do so.

Enter said friend, owner of a new Porsche GT2. Car is doing odd things, says friend. Be specific, saith I. Car is jerking at high speed and/or full throttle, making hissing noises. M'kay, say I, drop it off and I'll take a look. So, I played hookie from work, and spent the day wrenching. Short version: Boost leak. Bought $3 clamp, saved friend $900 worth of Porsche Mechanic wages. Much beer is expected.

So... upon cleaning up, it was time for the road test. I called a friend up, who happens to be a young lady of color, and asked her if she'd like to do lunch in the burbs. Oh, and by the way, I've got a GT2 that needs to be... What's that? Alright, be right over.

On the road we go, off to a little place called West Nyack. Sidenote: Porsche GT2's are rather stable at 150 miles per hour, but I recommend keeping them under 100 or so on expressways, lest ye be followed by flashing lights of a familiar color scheme.

Or just outrun them, that works too.

Anyway, off to lunch. There's a neat little texmex place I know of, near to the area Bill Murray calls home. Arrived, spent 20 minutes looking for a Porsche-safe parking spot, and commenced scarfige. A minute or two after the Margaritas arrived, so did the object of my kill-small-animals rage.

Said object was a pair of... people, and I'm being kind to call them that. I was fairly certain they were not from the area. Probably Jersey, judging by the level of demandingly arrogant petulancy oozing from the both.

Sidenote: Yes, New Yorkers are demanding as well. But in a I paid forty bucks for this steak, so it had better be done right way, as opposed to a I am the Queen of Discontentment, bow before me peasant! way.

So, said couple walks past our table, stops midway, and sneers. I'm not talking a slight facial tick, I mean full-bore sneerage.

I blink, wonder what gangrenous body part I mistakenly dropped in their corn flakes this morning, and asked: "Something the matter?"

The haughty reply: "You should know better."

ExSqueeze me? I should know better than to.. what, exactly? Eat mexican food? Drink alcohol? Carry a loaded firearm? Proclaim the wonders of nuclear energy? Oh, please, great bastion of wisdom, enlighten me as to my grievous crime.

"You should know better.", Saith the cow, while lifting a nose skyward in the general direction of my lunch companion.

Swish. Over my head. Huh? What, has a good friend of mine suddenly become a serial killer, cooker of puppies, or a democrat? Cue blank stare.

Then, it dawns with the subtlety of a sledge hammer. Indignation batteries to power, ass-kicking turbines to speed. I stand, adjust my shirt, and flat out bellow: "What, because she's black?"

Cue curt nod, and cue every fiber of my being required, and only the threat of 25 to life, to keep me from putting a .45 caliber hole in this cow's noodle. Instead, I went with a slightly more subtle "What the !@#$!@.", before launching into a tirade of biblical proportions. I'm talking every Screed, every Acidman-grade rant, every possible insult it is humanly possible to launch at a load of white trash. I didn't go off, I went off.

Got up, tossed a handful of bills on the table, and departed in a cloud of melting rubber and screaming Porsche turbochargers. I mean, I was pissed. The ugly head of racism reared up and took me completely by surprise. I wanted to say: "What, they still make people like you?" (and quite possibly did). My friend took it in more stride than I, by far, but for a moment I could quite easily see that she was flat out hurt that someone would say such a thing. Especially today. Especially in New York, for chrissakes.

It took a lot of tire burning and ritzenfrickin' racksenheimering for my mood to slide back onto safe, from its prior KILL setting. As it did, it dawned on me that I just totally missed this crap. I missed the time in history when this kind of thing was commonplace, and even expected.

There are few things I'm more grateful for in life than that.

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