Mr. Lion


This is the guy who runs this site and posts most of the content. Little is known about him, save the fact that he is a capitalist, and something of a lion.

Rumor has it that he works somewhere in the Entertainment Industry.

Likes, dislikes, and interests:

Likes: New York, the Yankees, Broadway, Really Big Firearms, Good Acting, Worldly Cuisine, Open Minds, Apple Computer, Japanese/German/Italian Cars with Big Turbochargers, Guinness, Things That Go Boom, Talented Directors, Brilliant Female Directors who Understand Men, Working Microphones, Rain Storms.

Dislikes: Made for TV Movies, Bad Overpaid Sitcom Actors, Bad Acting in General, Closed Minds, Microsoft, Economy Cars, The Clintons, Light Beer, Hack Directors and their boy toy ADs, Really Bad Female Directors who Hate Men, Broken Microphones, Arrogant Europeans, Fucking Terrorists, People Who Fear Firearms, Middle Management Drones, Email Spam from Asia.

Interests: Cars, quite obviously. Mainly older American Muscle (50's to late 60's), just about any Porsche, just about any Ferrari, and 80's and 90's Japanese Supercars. Bikes, mostly crotch rockets, leaning towards those of Italian breed, but the odd H-F-D catches my eye from time to time if it's loud and has fire coming out the right parts. Just about anything that flies, specifically military warbirds and fighters. I will trade my first born for a P-51 Mustang.

Stomping Grounds: New York City

Ethnic Background: Distantly related to Ze Chermans. Do not cheese me off, lest I invade your country.

College: Made me the pseudo-alcoholic I am today.

Life Goals: Become the next Howard Hughes. Break the world speed record for a single-prop aircraft. Exceed 250 miles per hour on a public highway. Have my ashes scattered at the Ducati factory once the inevitable happens and my reflexes numb with age.

Favorite Food: Meat.

Favorite Drink: Vodka Martini. Shaken. Chilled Glass. Slice of orange peel.

Least Favorite Drink: Anything involving a blender. See also: Cheap Tequila.

Favorite Hobbies: Driving things fast. Flying things faster. Swearing at hippies.

Favorite Practical Joke: Smoke bomb in the oven when forced to take Home Ec.

Favorite Indoor Activity: Wrenching on a car.

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Driving a car.

Favorite Sexual Position: To quote Tucker Max: Me drunk and her paying.

Favorite Website: The ones I built for five-figure paychecks in the late 90's.

Favorite TV Show: Magnum P.I.

Favorite TV Character: MacGyver.

Favorite Movie: Casablanca.

Favorite Pick-up Line: "Why yes, I am that guy in that show."

Favorite Saying: "Screw you, Hippie."

Favorite Words: Not Guilty.

Favorite Holiday: Whatever one I can convince the powers that be applies to my religion. I've been Jewish, Hindu and Christian in the same year. None of which actually apply.

Favorite Pro Athlete: Carl Fogarty.

Favorite Celebrity: Bill Cosby.

Favorite Music Video: "Wicked Game", Chris Issac. Helena Christensen still makes me feel funny in the pants to this day.

Favorite Non-Fiction Book: Life is too short to read non-fiction.

Favorite Fiction Book: The Fires of Heaven. Book five of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. I read it three times straight through without stopping.

Favorite Children's Book: Green Eggs and Ham. It had significantly more meaning for me during my college years. Anyone who has experienced the morning after a St. Patricks day binge will know what I mean.

Favorite Smurf: The dead one. Second only to the one currently dying in a very slow and painful way.

Favorite Number: 5.

Favorite Color: Red. Specifically, Ferrari Rosso Corsa.

Favorite Month: May. Motorcycle month. Not full blown melt-in-your-gear hot. But oh so very nice and warm.

Scariest Experience: Engine failure in an aircraft. In fact, it will take up a full chapter in my autobiography: When the engine stops, the ground is no longer your friend.

Politics and Such:

Political Alignments: Whoever isn't trying to ban something I enjoy because some soccer mom thinks it's naughty, isn't spending my tax dollars on printing government forms in languages other than English, isn't trying to be sensitive to the religious beliefs of the nice terrorists who want to blow us all up, and isn't raising taxes.

I suppose if I had to align myself with an organized political body, it's be the Constitution Party. Why? Well, because I can live with their bible thumping a hell of a lot easier than I can live with the idealism of your average Libertarian.