If there's one thing that annoys me, it's the destruction of perfectly good cars to facilitate building EV-vehicles. The galactic idiots who do this include these morons who destroyed a perfectly good and very rare DeLorean, these idiots who hacked up a beautiful Lotus Elise (which you can't even import into the US without yanking the factory engine, and replacing it with a honda econo-box unit, as it won't meet california's emission standards), and a load of other twits who do much of the same.

I mean, why the hell would anyone do this? Why would you take a beautiful car, and destroy it? Hey, if someone wants to go out and take some Honda Civic or other equally useless piece of trash and turn it into an EV, I have no problem with that. None what so ever. If they want a car that can't be used to travel more than 200 miles, nor exceed 80 mph, who am I to argue. But you do not do this to existing rare or exotic cars.

But this goes much deeper, so let's take on the whole gambit of emissions and electric vehicles.

First, why EV's don't work, and why no one wants them.

Current EV designs barely break the 100 horsepower mark, and barely manage 200 miles of 80% duty use. This makes them entirely useless for anything other than short-distance commuter vehicles. To be a successful internal combustion replacement, a EV must be able to meet the following criteria:

So far, we do not have any of the above technology available, and certainly not at the production cost needed to make them a viable alternative.

So, why restrict vehicle emissions in the first place? Why bother spending billions and billions of dollars to develop technology to replace something that works better? Well, the thought goes that exhaust emissions (specifically C02) are responsible for heating up the planet. However, they're not, and global warming is a sham. An entirely engineered sham with a goal of hampering or flat out destroying the global (and particularly, western) economy, which has exactly jack to do with saving the poor planet. But that aside, a great many people think cars and trucks have a large impact on the generation of so-called "greenhouse" gasses.

In 1965, A brand new V-8 powered car pumped out nearly half a ton of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides within the first 100,000 miles it was driven.

In 1990, A brand new V-8 powered car pumped out less than 100 pounds of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides within its average lifetime of 150-200,000 miles.

Using 1965 as a baseline, the average global temperature had risen 0.4 degrees by 1990. (source) During this time, vehicle emissions standards have been increased by over 90 percent. So, if vehicle emissions are supposed to have a realistic impact on global warming, where is the data to support this? One would think, that with cars putting out over ten times less emissions on average, the global temperature would be falling significantly, even though there are significantly more cars on the road today. And yet, it's not. Maybe that's because vehicle emissions don't have a significant impact on global temperature over a period of time.

In fact, it is the burning of fossil fuel to produce electricity which is responsible for the vast majority of emissions expelled into the atmosphere. Now, while we could completely replace the burning of fossil fuel with nuclear power, it still wouldn't have an impact on the massive amount of C02 released into the atmosphere by, y'know, trees; nor the massive amounts of carbon monoxide and other fun gasses released by the average forrest fire, like the sort that burn half of California to the ground every year, perversely due largely to "environmental" regulations.

Here's a thought. Let's lock all of the Californian idiots who support ever-stronger emissions regulation out of the supermarkets. Then lets lock them out of the book stores, and the video stores, and the department stores. Let's lock them out of everything that isn't available or produced within 50 miles of their residence. Why? Because that's how they'd have to live without diesel-burning trucks to deliver everything.

If someone wants an EV or ultra low emissions vehicle because it makes the world a better place in their eyes, more power to them. However, lets do away with the junk science used to demonize and regulate cars built for those of us who actually enjoy them. If you want to save the world, buy a VW Golf Diesel. It'll get twice the mileage of a Hybrid, and you won't look like a complete mindless idiot driving the thing.

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