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| Thursday, July 10 2014 |

Dear Mr. Paul: Suck my balls.

That was my immediate reaction to this limp-wristed nanny-fest, mewling about how modern muscle cars have crossed the 700 horsepower barrier. With AC and a warranty.

While that is indeed no small feat, the article, unsurprisingly, is one big hand-wringing mom-pants moan-athon. Nobody neeeeds that kind of power, says Rik Paul from Consumer Reports. Well, Mr. Paul: Fortunately it is not for you to decide what I or anyone else needs. That, you mewling little shithead, is for the market to decide.

The Camry-driving white knuckle crowd is not going to buy these vehicles. They likely don't even know one exists, until one passes them while they're chugging along at 62 mph in the fast lane. No, these vehicles are a response to that wholly American demand for more fucking power-- by those who enjoy it, and fortunately, innovation in engine technology over the last 50 years means we can have nearly twice the angry while still getting 20+ mpg and not hurting Johnnie Polar Bear.

News flash: A teenage kid isn't going to shell out $80+ grand for a hyper-muscle car, especially in an economy where they're lucky to flip burgers during the summer.

And as to "some experts" who wonder if it's too much power for Mrs. Bluehair to handle-- yes, it is. And once again, that demographic will not be trading their Lexus RX350 in on a 700 horsepower Mustang or Charger.

Those cars, much like the 700 horsepower Ferraris and Lamborghinis one can buy, are there for the folk who want them. And yes, some of those people will run them into objects denser than they are, and I daresay even denser than your average hand-wringing auto journo, but as was the case in the 1960s when the limited of ability started turning Carroll Shelby's creations into shrapnel: They are the exception, not the rule. And the rule, you mewling little pissants, is called Freedom. In case you weren't keeping score, we're the only country with anything like it left on a public road network.

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Remember when Nanny Bloomtard more or less shut down Times Square to vehicle traffic in yet another lenghty list of social engineering idiocy? Unexpectedly! It had results other than intended.

A trade group representing Broadway theater owners and operators blamed a drop in some ticket sales on panhandlers who frequent Times Square costumed as Spider-Man, Elmo and other characters.

Some prospective theatergoers—particularly those living in suburban New York—had stopped coming to shows because they feel harassed by panhandlers and hawkers, said Charlotte St. Martin, executive director of the Broadway League.

"We are actually seeing a decline in local theatergoers and they tell us that it's because they are accosted, they are overwhelmed," Ms. St. Martin told a meeting Wednesday at the Marriott Hotel, convened by the Times Square Alliance, about the costumed characters.

Golly. Who saw that coming.

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| Friday, July 4 2014 |

Dear Criminals,

If you're going to steal a car with the goal of evading the cops at 100+ MPH, you might want to do it in something that can travel at that speed for more than a few minutes. And not split in half and catch on fire when the inevitable happens.

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