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| Saturday, January 10 2015 |

Of Mice and Heros.

If you're looking for an excuse to go see American Sniper-- and you shouldn't be, as it's the finest film I've seen in a very, very long time-- the shrill, hand-wringing, pants-shitting hysteria bleated about by blithering fools should be plenty good enough.

I honestly never thought I'd see another film since Wahlberg's Lone Survivor capable of honestly portraying the heroism of great Americans like Chris Kyle in an honest, true and respectful manner. I should not have doubted Eastwood nor Cooper, as the two have done just that.

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| Thursday, January 8 2015 |

Duh, meet Duh.

Apparently the AP has discovered that people who own Apple products like to buy things.

Users of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches spent nearly $500 million on applications and in-app services during the first week of the year, according to figures released Thursday. That's the highest weekly volume recorded by Apple Inc. since the Cupertino, California, company opened its App Store seven years ago and revolutionized the way people connect with online services and play games.

If sales continue at the same opening-week pace, Apple and the makers of the apps would split up about $25 billion in revenue. Apple's revenue-sharing formula calls for 70 percent of app sales to be paid to the developers with the rest kept by the company.

And why do Apple users pay for stuff? Well, according to Liedtke:
But the smaller number of people using Apple's devices spends far more money on apps than Android's largest audience, according to AppAnnie and other analysts. That's because Apple's products are higher priced and tend to attract more affluent buyers than the Android product line does.

Uh, no. Apple users spend far more money on apps because those apps actually work and aren't thiny disguised malware. Apple knew what they were doing when they designed iOS and the app store. The customer experience came first-- and said customers have been voting with their dollars for some time now, on both the devices and the software that runs on them.

Over on the android side, things are a little different, namely because as Microsoft found out, you can only dump crap at a loss in exchange for market share for so long.

Apple has the hardware, the UX, and quite a lot of third party developers who like getting paid. Because they get paid, they invest the time and effort into building stuff that doesn't exist elsewhere, and in many cases don't even bother porting it into the malware and piracy arena of shame that is android.

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