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| Friday, October 2 2015 |

Dear Apple: OS X El Capitan

So far, 10.11 has a lot of little glue items I rather like. Even stupid little stuff like the new password cursor in terminal. There are, however, a few things I really do not like. So, bitch mode on:

1) When I have to disable System Integrity Protection to change the fucking horrid icon, System Integrity Protection is stupid.

2) If the new version of the aforementioned is going to require a six hour rebuild of my mail accounts, maybe fucking warn me beforehand?

3) While I realize the majority of iCloud users happily spew all of their iCloud-enabled information into said iCloud, I do not. Stop trying to trick me into doing so. Seriously, stop, or I'll just pull the iCloud plug all together. I barely tolerate iCloud mail as it is, and this continued fumbuckary is eroding said tolerance.

4) While I realize you guys hate Java nearly as much as Flash, some of us have to use it to pay for your shiny hardware. So maybe tell us when you're going to nuke and pave one's Java environment with an OS upgrade.

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